Need for nanotechnology

The world is now abuzz with new phenomena of nanotechnology. This is the engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale or through tiny engineering. In essence, nanotechnology is the probability to build things from the bottom up using scientific techniques and tools that are currently developed today to come up with advanced, complete, and highly usable and essential products. In this process, the properties of materials at such small sizes are very different from those at bulk scale. Much of the research in this field is interdisciplinary in nature, drawing expertise from different areas across the life science, physical science and engineering disciplines. In the years to follow, nanotechnology developed so fast that it has now come to be known as another industrial revolution with a potential of $2 trillion marketing of nano-based industrial products by 2015 and its application in industry for the foreseeable 40 to 50 years. By 2009, some 2500 industrial products and applications of nanotechnology had come in the market, opening vast avenues for job market in industries, RandD organizations, intellectual property rights and influencing world economy and strategic applications for decades to come, thus necessitating the production of specifically trained human resource for such organizations. This technology may provide solutions to meet demand of safe water, energy, healthcare and food products with less labour and limited land at low-cost. Nanotech is helpful for precise treatment of cancer and brain disorder, production of more effective cosmetics, energy systems and information technology. If the makers of products using nanotechnology would only make products that will provide benefit to mankind with utmost safety precautions in mind, nanotechnology is the next wave of industrial revolution. This phenomenon will cut production costs for materials, labour, and energy as it can produce bigger and better things invented by the earlier generations at a staggering speed, and with amazing precision there is no room for mistakes. Pakistan, which is taking numerous initiatives to make progress, desperately needs a nanotechnology especially in agriculture and medicines which would not only ensure production on massive scale but also reduce cost of production. What the government needs to do is that it should create awareness about nanotechnology through holding seminars and discussions and media campaigns. However, at the same time adequate financial incentives for research in the area of nano-science is imperative as it would be a driving force.

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