Saving crops in Thar

In Thar, there is no canal system and rain is the single source of water for growing crops. There were heavy rains this year and people were delighted. But the sudden attack of harmful insects on crops has shattered the hopes of the locals. Almost 70 per cent crops have been destroyed. The chief crops of Thar such as bajra, gawar and moong are produced in large quantities. Besides, other agricultural products of Thar are a good source of economy for the country. Gawar is exported by the tons to other countries, but this year gawar is badly affected. It has created problems for the already backward area of the country.

Tharis are unaware of the use of insecticides and as such its encouragement is needed to save the precious national income for the economically crunched country.

No action has been taken so far by the authorities concerned to save the valuable crops for the people, as well as for the countrys economy, The authorities should take immediate remedial measures in this regard.

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One thought on “Saving crops in Thar

  • Asad Shabbir
    May 9, 2019 at 7:50 pm

    Rains are some time beneficial or some times not. Climate change is a global issue. We need conventional and non conventional breeding strategies to develop excess water tolerant and and also drought tolerant varieties according to changing climate.


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