World moot focuses on innovations, new ventures

STAFF REPORT IBD: The International Conference on `Emerging Challenges For Organizations In Developing Economies (ECODE)` recently organized by the Bahria University (BU) Islamabad, has highlighted the issues related to innovation and new venture creation, organizational diversity and managing a new form of organization and the financial crisis. The event discussed all aspects related to innovation and new venture creation and the financial crisis.

The conference illuminated how universities will better equip students for the changing business and technological environments. It probed into the degree of venture creation and innovation versus technology and knowledge transfer in order to create a wealth of knowledge and a better understanding of the pertinent challenges.

The speakers also evaluated the pivotal role of SMEs and entrepreneurship in the development of an economy and how the creation of new ventures and new products are directly related.

New forms of organizations were also explored in context of handling diversity across linguistic, religious and cultural borders alike in an effort to forming and managing a new form of organization strengthening itself from utilizing diversity as an asset

Concluding the event, Rector of Bahria University, Vice Admiral® Shahid Iqbal, said that collaboration in RandD will be required to meet the challenges and to broaden our horizons and to address these demanding issues.

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