IST launches Pakistans first Cubesat satellite

STAFF REPORT IBD: Institute of Space Technology (IST) has launched Pakistans first Cubesat satellite, iCUBE-1, onboard Dnepr launch vehicle from Yasny launch base, Russia.

It is a welcoming news for higher education institutions, students and researchers of Pakistan that IST has etched its name among the foremost universities in the World who have built and launched a Cubesat satellite.

This Cubesat satellite will open up a wide vista of future experiments that can be carried on Cubesat in the domain of imaging, microgravity, biology, nanotechnology, space dynamics, chemistry, space physics and various other fields. The Cubesats can also provide a test bed for developing satellite constellations for specific applications.

The IST has achieved this astounding success in a short span of ten years, owing to the concerted efforts by its leadership, students and faculty to standout in this field.

“iCUBE-1 has been launched in a polar orbit, 600km above the surface of the earth, and is designed to take low resolution images of earth and other space objects,” said Spokesperson IST Raza Butt.

Initially, iCUBE-1 will transmit a Continuous Wave Morse coded beacon with message “iCUBE-1 First CubeSat of Pakistan, he said.

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