Experts for more coop to tackle climate change

STAFF REPORT IBD: Climate change and its impact on biodiversity is a burning issue the world over and being taken seriously at the UN and other world forums. The efforts for strengthening science and technology cooperation among the ECO countries must be strengthened to protect the globe from the negative impacts of the climate change.

These views were expressed by scientists/experts at a recently held two-day consultation meeting of experts on climate change and biodiversity. The event was organized by ECOSF in collaboration with Ministry of Science and Technology, Climate Change Division, ECO Secretariat, Tehran and ECO-IEST. The eminent experts on the subject from all ECO members states including Pakistan attended the meeting and discussed the issues related to climate change and biodiversity in the region.

President ECOSF Dr. Manzoor Soomro told the media said that the meeting unanimously decided to establish an ECO Network of Experts in Climate Change and Biodiversity, publish a book on “Biodiversity of ECO Region” and launch collaborative research among the ECO member states. Secretary MoST Kamran Ali Qureshi recognizing the importance of the event said in his inaugural speech that climate change.

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