PC users fast moving to mobile internet option

STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistani users are shifting their Internet into a new gear in 2014, which will be the year mobile Internet overtakes desktop Internet, reveals a recently conducted new survey sponsored by Google.

While desktop is dominant with 91 per cent owning a PC at home, 45 per cent also own a smartphone or tablet. About 18 per cent cite the latter as their primary device. Mobile devices are gaining momentum: 86 per cent use PCs to access the Internet daily, 77 per cent use smartphones, 73 per cent use feature phones and 59 per cent use tablets daily, the survey says.

This trend follows a decline in the prices of smartphones and tablets, and anticipated launch of 3G services. Internet-capable feature phones are expected to continue to play an important role, too.

“We think 2014 is the year mobile Internet overtakes desktop Internet in Pakistan. Consumers are really starting to embrace smartphones and tablets,” said Tania Aidrus, Manager for Asian Growth Markets, Google Asia Pacific.

The study revealed that home is the preferred location for Internet access – even for mobile-only users, who prefer to use their home wi-fi connection. The average hours spent on the Internet are 2.25 hours a day on weekdays and 3 hours a day on weekends.

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