Dem and for big data services to grow: Intel

STAFF REPORT KHI: The shifts in computing technology have taken place at an enormous pace in 2013 and Asia-Pacific remained a hotspot for technological innovation, according to Intel Pakistans marketing head. The chip-making giant says it sees an increased connectivity that will boost the economy in 2014.

“As more people get connected, demand for big data services will grow,” said Asma Aziz who is Marketing for Intel Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Intel Pakistan, in its year-end media briefing, looks at the technological shifts and advancements in the outgoing year and gives predictions for the upcoming year.

In Pakistan, the use of data and connectivity is higher compared to many other markets in the world, Aziz said, adding the demand for big data services will grow in years to come.

For Intel, the main highlights in 2013 were the release of Intels 4th Generation Core Processors, Intels Silvermont micro-architecture and Intel Atom Processor Z3000 series- which has been designed for tablets and smartphones.

The company predicts 2014 will bring rapid increase in emerging technologies as well as the emergence of a whole new sector for home entertainment as more and more TV shows, movies and content will be created for mobile devices.

Peoples interaction with technology is changing every year, resulting in emergence of all kinds of computing devices, such as all-in-ones, two-in-ones, convertibles and detachable, Asma said.

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