Exploiting the ECOSF potential!

Science and technology cooperation among the Muslim states has never been a new phenomena, especially since the inception of Western approach to keep the developing (Muslim) states at bay in this important sector, irrespective of the fact that most of the world renowned personalities in the fields of science, technology, physics, chemistry, astronomy, mathematics etc. are from the Muslim world. The Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), whose charter was formed under the Izmir Treaty 1997 with its Secretariat in Tehran, has proved to be an important body of the ten Muslim countries of the Central Asian Region. However, its mandate is confined only to taking a number of steps to the benefit of the people of these countries by designing ways and means to pool up the technical and financial resources for such benefits. The science and technology development is at a fast track especially in the developed world which has prompted the Muslim states to establish a platform where they could pool up their scientific and technical resources for their own development. ECO Science Foundation, formed a couple of years back with its headquarters in Islamabad, has emerged as a potential platform for the Muslim countries, where they could promote and encourage science and technology, research and development activities and exchange relevant experiences as well as knowledge. With Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan as its members, the ECOSF can also provide a solid base for sustainable and wider cooperation which the Muslims hardly achieved in the last century. Pakistan, which is fast exploring all available resources to promote science and technology in addition to ICTs, can play a leading role in imbibing the required spirit among the ECOSF member states. Since the ECOSF is not at its full operations right now, there is a dire need to ensure that it come into practical phase with full potential and in this regard, the all available assistance on the part of the government of Pakistan would be a major factor. Though Pakistan has set a bench mark for enhancing integration among ECOSF members through improving regional collectivity, co-operation and interaction by road and rail links, however, it needs to do more on science and technology promotion in ECOSF states. The Muslim world has a lot of potential in almost all development sectors, the point is to inculcate their relevant experiences and knowledge and need to arrest the opportunity available in the shape of ECOSF.

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