Collective initiatives needed to control climate change impacts

STAFF REPORT IBD: Deforestation is not only minimizing the chances of agriculture sustainability in Pakistan, but it is also causing climate change. Rapid deforestation is one of the reasons of droughts and melting of glaciers.

Although, half-baked and flimsy tree plantation drives are occasionally launched by the federal and provincial governments, they receive only a little enthusiasm from government functionaries, a very poor response from the public and literally no support from media.

The government has pledged to increase forest cover by 5.6 per cent in current year and 6 per cent by 2015.

The participation of NGOs in ecosystem awareness and housing scheme in urban areas should be designed in such a way that no damage could be done to forests. If the government does not make serious efforts to deter deforestation, global warming would seriously affect agriculture and economies of the countries in the coming years.

The government and private sector should come forward and take collective initiatives to minimize the negative impaces of climate change in the country.

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