Indian firm to help Pakistan in renewable energy

STAFF REPORT IBD: The Energy and Resources Institute (Teri) from India has pledged to offer support to Pakistan for developing renewable energy solutions. Officials of the organisation have recently visited Pakistan in this regard.

In recent years, Pakistan has been facing severe problems on the energy front, and on this issue there has been an active dialogue with the government of India on the possibility of a power supply arrangement from Indias northern grid to the province of Punjab in Pakistan.

“The time has come for all the stakeholders in India and Pakistan, and, in fact, all South Asia to work towards close and good neighbourly relations. It is only then that we would be able to develop solutions to our common problems of poverty, hunger and take the countries of the region towards healthy and sustainable growth,” Director General of TERI, R.K. Pachauri said in an official statement.

TERI has also been holding a dialogue, both at the official and NGO levels in Pakistan for implementing a range of renewable energy based solutions. It has considerable experience through its Lighting a Billion Lives campaign in India involving installation of biomass gasifiers in rural areas as well as innovation through the use of mini grids to supply clean lighting and facilitate the operation of clean cooking stoves in rural homes.

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