National climate change policy yet to be executed

STAFF REPORT IBD: The steps proposed in the National Climate Change Policy are yet to be implemented by the provincial governments which have so far paid no heed to the growing threats to various sectors.

“Pakistan ranked top in the countries facing weather extremes in Global Climate Risk Index and the National Climate Change Policy prepared with a big bang now stands nowhere after the devolution of Federal Environment Ministry,” said Dr. Qamaruz Zaman, who was the lead author of National Climate Change Policy.

The index highlighted the fact that Pakistan has been facing worst impacts of climate change ranging from cyclones to glacial melting, floods and droughts.

He said Pakistans total green house gases emissions (GHG) amount to 309 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), comprising 54 per cent CO2, 36 per cent Methane, 9 per cent Nitrous Oxide and 1 per cent other gases.

Pakistan is a small GHG emitter as it contributes only about 0.8 per cent of the total global GHG emissions. On per capita basis, Pakistan with 1.9 tons per capita GHG emissions stands at a level that corresponds to about one-thirds of the world average, one-fifth of the average for Western Europe and one tenth of the per capita emissions in the US.

He said that the federal government should ask the provincial governments to take steps for implementation of the climate change policy.

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