Enhanced farm yields stressed to h and le food insecurity

STAFF REPORT FSD: Food insecurity is badly affecting 60 per cent of Pakistans population, however, the agriculture scientists need to take effective initiatives to ensure increase in per acre yield.

University of Agriculture Vice Chancellor Iqrar Ahmad Khan said this while talking to media.

He urged the agricultural scientists to help increase food production to feed the rapidly growing population. The worlds population would reach nine billion by the year 2050, which would be a rising threat to food insecurity, he added.

Khan said that the climate change was a threat to reliable productivity. The per capita water availability has also decreased due to the melting of glaciers. Pakistan is now on the list of countries with scarce water resources, he maintained.

He emphasised the need to adopt the latest agricultural practices. Agronomy would play a vital role in increasing productivity, Khan said. PSA former president Hafiz Muhammad Akram said the Pakistan Society of Agronomy promotes agronomic research, disseminates scientific information and provides opportunities for close cooperation among agronomists working in different organizations.

Department of Agronomy Chairman Ehsan Ullah said that an increase in global food production in the past decades had resulted from better crop management and advances in agronomy.

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