China extends cooperation to boost wheat crop yield

STAFF REPORT IBD: China has provided selected varieties of hybrid wheat to Pakistan, suitable for plantation in different parts of the country with the objective to boost crop production.

Beijing Engineering Research Center for Hybrid Wheat (BERCHW), Chinas leading scientific research institute, has extended this offer. The company is in close collaboration with Pakistans both public and private sector to enhance staple crop production.

Officials informed that some of the varieties are suitable for local environment and have shown positive results.

BERCHW, besides extending technical and scientific assistance to Pakistan, has so far also provided free of cost 12000 KGs of hybrid wheat seeds.

For on the spot expert advice, several Chinese agriculture scientists also visited Pakistan.

Besides, transfer of technology Chinese experts have also trained Pakistani counterparts so that they could disseminate their knowledge to their colleagues to make the country achieve food autarky.

Experts said that within couple of years, hybrid wheat will be cultivated in vast areas on commercial basis in Pakistan.

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