Law being made to control cyber crimes

STAFF REPORT ISB: The draft of much-awaited Cyber Crime Bill is currently under review which would ensure that cyber space of nuclear armed Pakistan is fully secure and protected against potential terrorist threats.

According to official sources, the draft has been acquired by a top intelligence agency.

“The top intelligence agency has obtained draft of the Cyber Crime Bill that has been vetted by the Law Ministry and its technical experts have started reviewing it keeping in view the growing cyber threats. Initially, they have raised some objections that would be removed by introducing some new clauses in the draft of the bill,” the sources said.

The sources claimed the government was officially warned by various quarters in the recent past on the basis of the revelations made by whistle blower Edward Snowden that US NSA may penetrate into Pakistani cyber space to steal sensitive data relating especially its nuclear programme.

The sources said that the draft of the bill was sent to the federal ministries, civil society organisations, international telecom organisations and technical exerts that gave their suggestions to make it a better document.

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