FAUUST research focuses on h and washing need

STAFF REPORT KHI: Hand washing is essential for maintaining good health. Many of our society professionals play their role in keeping us healthy like the chefs/cooks of restaurants and hotels.

Keeping hands clean through improved hand hygiene is highly an important step; one has to take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others as contaminated food may make us ill and food borne diseases are quite prevalent in Pakistan .

A survey in Karachi, published by a faculty member of FUUAST university – Microbiology Sikandar Khan Sherwani – along with other authors, is conducted among 180 male chefs/participants belonged to 20 per cent big and well developed hotels and found most of them work for first quarter of the day. Result of this survey indicates the need to improve the hand washing procedures in hotels, and kitchen policies should be in safe and good hands which could ensure the hygiene of the meal.

This survey also pointed out that 67 per cent participants knew the importance of hand washing, 63 were aware of hand washing practices, only 23 per cent frequently perform hand washing and 32 per cent were aware of the usage and benefits of antibacterial soap. Large number of respondent 49 per cent uses just plain water for hand washing. Pakistan is also facing a boom in restaurant industry.

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