Pakistani boy makes history in O-Level

STAFF REPORT ISB: A nine-year-old Pakistani boy has passed O-Level exam of the Cambridge University, Britain, making history.

He is perhaps the only child in the world to have passed all the science subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics) of O-levels at this age.

Rai Haris Manzoor, born on August 16, 2004, left his school in 2012 only to be taught at home by his parents to achieve the unachievable target i.e. passing the O-levels exam (11 years of study). Interestingly, he has a twin brother who is in grade 3 at a private school in Rawalpindi.

Previously, a girl, Sitara from Chinoit, had passed three science subjects of A-levels at the age of 11.

Rai Manzoor, the father of the boy, who is a government servant in Punjab, said after hearing the news about Sitara Akbar, he started teaching his son at home to enable him to make the world record.

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