ECOSF, EvK2CNR Foundation agree on joint mountain research

STAFF REPORT IBD: EvK2CNR Foundation and ECO Science Foundation have agreed to collaborate for promotion of scientific research on environment, sustainable development, generation of knowledge and promotion of education.

This consensus was developed when a delegation of EvK2CNR Foundation, headed by its President Agostino Da Polenza called on President of ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF) Prof. Dr. Manzoor Hussain Soomro in Islamabad to discuss collaboration between the two organizations.

On the occasion, Dr. Soomro shared with the delegates the aims and objectives of ECOSF and about member states of ECO. He also shared with the visitors that ECOSF is working closely with some important institutions including; IPBES Bonn-Germany, ISTIC-UNESCO Malaysia, the ECO Educational Institute Ankara-Turkey as well as ECO Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ECO-IEST) in Tehran-Iran.

The visiting team proposed to collaborate with ECO Science Foundation in high mountain areas of the ECO region.

It was also agreed that both the sides collaborate for the promotion of education and awareness, using Inquiry based learning approaches, seminars and workshops.

It was decided that a formal MoU will be drafted soon for consideration of relevant forums of the two organizations and subsequently signed. It was further agreed that the two sides will prepare joint projects for funding by international donors.

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