FUUAST presents research work at world conference

STAFF REPORT KHI: Foreign Prof. Dr. Moinuddin Ahmed of Federal Urdu University of Arts Science and Technology, Karachi, recently presented his and his students Dr. Mohummad Sama Zafers research work at the 9th International Conference of Dendrochronology recently held at the Melbourne, Australia.

Dendrochronology has been at the forefront of modern research that illuminates past and present pattern and process in Earths System and ecosystem science and information a host of management and policy decisions at local, regional and global scales.

With Earths climate system undergoing rapid changes and ecosystem worldwide being subject to an unprecedented range of stressors, dendrochronology is more important than ever.

In Pakistan these techniques and science is being used in climate change, hydrology and forecast population dynamics at Federal Urdu Science University only, which should be extended glaciology and earthquakes and archeological studies.

This conference is held only once every four years in different developed countries and continues to be the leading opportunity for students, managers and scientists who use tree-rings (dendrochronology) to present their research on a range of issues, including climate, ecology,, geomorphology, archeology, environmental sciences, conservation and policy to an international audience.

The title of Dr. Ahmedss paper was Reconstruction of temperature using tree-rings from Gilgit and Hunza Valley of Karakorum Range of Pakistan.

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