Students present innovative solutions at energy fair

STAFF REPORT IBD: In order to find solutions to Pakistans chronic energy crisis, students presented innovative scientific techniques at a recently organized fair.

A total of 130 projects were displayed by the students of the Khaldunia High School at the annual science fair.

The canopy set up on the school ground was buzzing with energy with most projects proving helpful in solving Pakistans energy crisis.Faris Khan, an 11th grader, stood proud next to his project, a Van de Graaf generator, explaining that it worked to produce electrostatic energy which can be beneficial for many.

While explaining his other initiatives, he said that while most projects revolved around the same theme – energy – each project was different from one another.The students eyes glistened while they observed other projects such as simple water pump, soda rocket, lava lamp, air pressure gadgets and cheese making machine. “I love science, especially the trial and error period. It is fascinating when what we learn in books is practically applied and made into something useful,” said 5th grader Myra Ansari.

While signing a petition about mercury pollution, Zuha Ansari, a 9th grader, said “Through the project I have not only explained the phenomenon better to my peers but at the same time, I have alerted and educated the younger lot, which is important.”

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