Eco-friendly approach needed to be adopted

STAFF REPORT ISB: An increased level of development in line with the prevalent neo-liberal practices comes at the cost of a healthy environment. Although this truism has found manifestation in various forms around the world, an environment-friendly mode of development is conceivable.

To familiarise this notion, a report on Work Programme for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Pakistan: Priority Actions has recently been launched by the Climate Change Division (CCD) in partnership with LEAD Pakistan.

The report proposes and chalks out 10 project initiatives, which will help the government deliver towards the National Climate Change Policy.

Introducing the report, LEAD Pakistan CEO and CDKN Regional Director Ali Tauqeer Sheikh said that the report will act as a yardstick for the government to incorporate eco-friendly practices into its larger development and budget planning framework.

“The climate change policy is proof of the governments commitment to achieve non-climate-altering development. The proposed priority actions will assist future planners by providing an improved evidence base of the impacts of climate change in our regional context,” said Sheikh.

Dealing with climate change is no longer a choice for the country, he stressed, it is an issue to cope with and adapt to in the near future.

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