Experts for halt to climate-change driven migration

STAFF REPORT ISB:Pakistan urgently requires a national migration policy to pre-empt and mitigate any significant migration trends caused by changes in climate, according to climate experts.

They were speaking at the recent launch of a study conducted by LEAD Pakistan, an environmental and development NGO in Islamabad.

They said that a large number of people are migrating from villages due to effects of climate change, according to the study.

The experts stressed the need for a migration policy that could be made a part of the National Climate Change Policy and the National Disaster Plan.

In his remarks, LEAD Pakistan CEO Ali Tauqeer Sheikh said, “The study provides a springboard for new research and policy engagement.”

He also said that Pakistan leads all South Asian countries in its rate of rural-to-urban migration.

Strengthening Participatory Organisation CEO Naseer Memon claimed as much as 80 per cent internal migration in the country is driven by climate change.

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