Hybrid seeds usage can boost farm production

STAFF REPORT FSD:Pakistani farmers can recover the declining productivity, estimated at 50 per cent of total production, with the help of large-scale planting of hybrid seeds and modern farming techniques and equipment.

According to leading agriculture experts, conventional farming cannot change financial conditions of the farmers as it is possible only through adoption of modern techniques.

Currently, growers are getting approximately 50 per cent less per acre yield when compared with regional countries and productivity is more than 100 per cent lower compared to developed countries.

The only way to tackle food deficiency is to increase crop production, the experts said.

“Hybrid seeds can increase productivity, rice is a best example. Paddy growers, who use hybrid seeds, are enjoying 60 per cent higher yield compared to traditional and old varieties,” said Akram Elahi, an agriculturalist.

He said the higher yield had made hybrid seeds popular among rice farmers as the genetically modified technology could double productivity of some crops.

“Farmers have scaled back application of inputs, they even sow low-quality seeds and eventually yield drops, which is the main reason behind getting low productivity,” remarked Ajmal Ali, an agricultural expert.

He said that the government needs to extend support to farmers as the use of hybrid seeds and modern techniques are quite expensive and they cannot afford.

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