Timely completion of memor and um draft stressed before 3G-4G auction

STAFF REPORT ISB: State Minister for ITandT Anusha Rahman has stressed the need for complete information memorandum (IM) draft in order to carry out the spectrum auction in time.

The consultants briefed the minister regarding different aspects of the preparation of IM draft. The minister was also informed that procedural avenues for spectrum auction would be held soon.

“It is the utmost priority of the government to ensure that the upcoming spectrum auction is done in a transparent, competitive and an efficient manner and achieve optimum benefits for Pakistanis, said Anusha Rahman,” said the minister while chairing a meeting with Value Partner consultants, hired by PTA for spectrum auction.

The consultants assured the minister that IM draft is being prepared with due diligence and utmost care while keeping in view the best practices across the globe, after studying in general and Pakistan market specifically.

The consultants further assured full cooperation in achieving the desired goal of the Government of Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar chaired the spectrum auction advisory committee meeting.

The consultants hired by PTA for the purpose of auction briefed the meeting about their analysis of Pakistani markets and draft information memorandum which is to be issued soon.

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