Aggressive drive starts against IPR violations

STAFF REPORT KHI: In a raid recently conducted on Mamdani Bookseller, situated within the police station jurisdiction of Aziz Bhatti, Gulshan East Zone, around 96 pirated copies of Oxford University Press textbooks were recovered and confiscated by the police.

According to the local police, these pirated books consisted of 38 Oxford textbook series including New Oxford Social Studies for Pakistan, Oxford History for Pakistan, Urdu ka Guldasta, Nardban-e-Urdu, New Oxford Primary Science, and Amazing Science.

The police also arrested brother of the bookshop owner, Razzaq, for allegedly selling pirated books.

A case has also been fikled against the culprits under section 66A and 66B of the Copyright Act, and 420 of the Pakistan Penal Code.

Such infringements on intellectual property rights incur heavy losses to the publishing industry on one hand, whereas on a larger scale, authors, poets, musicians, and intellectuals of the society have their livelihoods put at stake by such criminal activities.

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