3rd annual South Asia growth moot concludes

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STAFF REPORT LHR: Speakers at a conference said that while some projects may be small, they can have a profound impact on the lives of those they target, far beyond their cost. The event was the 3rd Annual South Asia Growth Conference recently organized by the International Growth Center (IGC).

Top policymakers and researchers from across South Asia have joined leading experts in Lahore to debate the latest ideas for stimulating economic growth in South Asia at a conference hosted by the IGC in collaboration with the Planning and Development Department Punjab.

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The event provided a platform for the presentation of research undertaken by the IGC South Asia country programmes, and promoted regional dialogue with policymakers who are able to comment on the relevance and findings of IGC research.

Dr. Jeffrey Hammer (Princeton University), who studied sanitation in urban slums in India, gave his presentation at the occasion.

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He was followed by Dr. Tahir Andrabi who analysed the impact of the 2005 Pakistan earthquake on child development – finding huge effects on child height and test-scores.

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