FUUAST-KU researchers find contamination on tooth brushes

STAFF REPORT ISB: The human mouth contains hundreds of different types of microbes commonly called germs, in which few are shifted to the tooth brush during its use and some are come from the environment where the toothbrushes are stored.

A peer-reviewed laboratory scale research was conducted to evaluate the cumulative state of knowledge related to toothbrush contamination and its possible role in disease transmission. Individuals were each supplied with a new toothbrush. After a period of one month, during which subjects were asked to follow their usual oral hygiene practices, the toothbrushes were collected and assessed for microbial contamination using a few selective growth media.

The study was jointly conducted by Karachi University and neighboring university Federal Urdu University microbiologists Suraiya Jabeen, Asia Neelam, Omm-e-hany, Sikander Khan Sherwani and published in Nepalese journal. However, no fungal colony was detected on any of the plates of Sabourauds Dextrose Agar. The principal author of this study hopes that this pilot study will help in opening new doors to this kind of research in Pakistan. The origin of pseudomonas and coliforms would be environmental; pseudomonas from tap water.

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