Scientists review cotton research progress

STAFF REPORT MULTAN: Cotton scientists from across Pakistan have recently assembled in Multan for a three-day marathon meeting to discuss results from the research projects carried out last year and finalize a cotton research strategy for year 2014-15.

Cotton Commissioner Dr Khalid Abdullah, who is also vice-president of PCCC, chaired the opening session of the meeting at CCRI Multan and said that national research bodies and the private sector should work together to increase cotton production and develop technologies to counter cotton-related problems.

Agriculture scientists from research institutes working under PCCC and the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission and provincial governments also presented their reports on experiments conducted last year and their results.

The three-day meeting also finalized a cotton research programme for year 2014-15 in the light of last years reports.

Dr Khalid acknowledged the contribution of PCCC and all other research bodies in developing new cotton varieties. He urged scientists to introduce varieties that consume low water and other inputs, give high performance in given conditions and also meet standards and requirements of the textile sector.

The meeting also discussed issues of land preparation, suitable application of water and fertiliser, control of diseases and pests including mealy bug, dusky bug, red cotton strainer, other cotton diseases including cotton leaf curl virus (CLCV), development of new cotton varieties and troubles confronting cotton production and their possible solutions.

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