Techno-dependency probability

Ages have passed seeing the use of technology in the form of skill, tool or technique to ease the process of any task to be performed to achieve certain outcomes, goals or objectives. Human being are using technology of one form or the other in a way which is conducive to them in increasing their capacity despite the natural limitations they have or may the constraints be due to their own negligence or because of being comfort lover. We all observe the changes in the world due to the active change agents which are observed to be humans. We have seen advances in our life which is called civilization commonly all over the world segregating what others are doing as uncivilized though they may think their way of doing things as being simplistic.

Technology is no more married to us but it has been fragmented integratively. It is like the grafting of life of human beings with technology. We dont use technology as an augmentation rather it is like a part which is incredibly grown to make us yet stronger and to make our life easier. We cant imagine a life without a mobile, a car, a computer, a television, a radio or if nothing is being used then at least we must be using the technology of a wrist watch at least which approves that technology isnt an augment-in but a vitamin for us to live better life.

It is obvious that we all use technology of one sort or the other but reality is that we, to an extent, avoid being a tech-dependent being which is like a support to a disabled person. In fact one of the researches validated the conclusion that the independent ones dont focus on tech for socializing or the ones who have a complex of some degree as well as some sort are observed to use tech. Observations are there which approve that peer pressure, norms and other factors influence the use of technology but greater impact in higher tech-dependency probability is of social influencers which motivate the young ones especially to use tech to connect with like-minded persons despite the virtual insecurity.

The techno-dependency probability is increasing for any human being as everything we see is tagged as gadget which somehow is benefiting us but in the long run its harms are observed to be multiplying exponentially to induce entropy is the overall natural systems despite harmony demonstrate in the outlooks of techno-societies. Probability to use tech in any community is higher now than it was before. Techno-dependency probability gives us a clue of how a society will shape the future demands of yet more technological demands of innovative types. Societies have been contributing in the demand-innovation as they are becoming more and more addicted to tech for leisure, comfort and ease which collectively leads to a passive behavior and overall dependent attitude rather than the ones who feel stronger by the virtue of their richness in independent models to live and fight back for survival.

Migration of professional farmers to industry-related works gives us strong techno-dependency probability leading to 1 or may be higher; but as the simple systems are getting popularity to cater the needs of the poor degrading the prestige of state-of-the-art systems, in future the probability may go down. This may be because of environmentalists who are raising their concerns over the excess tech usage and increasing obesity. Smart ones are less technologically engaged and thus techno-dependency probability is low in such cases.

The writer is a Research Officer.

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