Experts stress quality education at state, institutional level

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STAFF REPORT LHR: Educational quality is fast deteriorating in Pakistan and needs immediate mechanism of effective quality assurance at the state level as well as at institutional level. This was the upshot of discussion at a senior faculty workshop, Challenges of Quality Assurance in Education, which was organised by the Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) of the University of Health Sciences (UHS). UHS VC Major General (r) Prof M. Aslam emphasised the need for quality assurance in higher education. He said the UHS was effectively pursuing HEC policies to meet the set standards in various programmes. Punjab University QEC Director Prof Dr Aamir Ijaz said that the HEC strived to create awareness and understanding of quality and that quality assurance in higher education was a necessary ingredient to national development. UHS QEC Director Dr Arif Rashid said leadership and commitment of top management played a significant role in quality improvement. He emphasised the need forputting appropriate systems and processes in place as per needs of stakeholders.

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