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Human being is doing struggle to improve the technology and their methods. Therefore, computer technology has special signification about this in current century. No doubt the chemical, civil, electric, electronics and mechanical engineering are known as an important knowledge for the industrial development of any country, but an interesting development is that computer technology and media science are the fast progressing knowledge in current time. If said, Information Technology is like sea in the sector of computer science world, such as Programmers, Developers, Designers, Network Administrators, and Operators. We have social and technical competition in modern age. The significance of Internet is very much in computer system and we are also performing an excellent role to get communication to each other.

According to the survey of September 2009, there number of internet websites are 226,099,841 and now its across twice, which users, business and different organizations personal and official information they have. In computer technology, network system has more developed where communication and information is going to be organized, therefore, your networks are going more secure and computer science based on the knowledge of electronics and mathematics. Hardware and software where they make development system such as business organizations, offices, hospitals and public sector is required software to get automate platform.

Anyway, this is a reality that 2011 had the year and name of Social Media technology from the world of technologies, that is why the internet users has increased much. In the lecture of Jimmy Wales, he shared his views that in next few years. Internet would see a major increase in new users, which may be a big challenge about the Internet Development and there would be censorship that will be a main problem. These new users would be from India, China and Africa and their culture will also be different. Samsung Company has launched touch screen computer last year, which is fixed on your home window mirrors or glasses.

Facebook is one of the social interaction website, in august 2010 the number of their users was 517,760,460 and in December 2011 it hass increased fifty percent 799,092,160 and if we talk about the population of whole world, its 6930, 055,154. If I talk about Facebook users of Pakistan so in October 2010 there was only one million users we had and now its increased more than ten time users, as per International users list, Pakistan has 26th ranking and according to the gender, Pakistan have 68% male users and 32% females. Facebook was common in 2006.

I want to discuss some important questions that how we understand issues? How do we plan the solution of issues or how do we express verbal or written issues? And how we consider them? These are basic and important questions which are connected with our life but computer scientists have developed the technology and made easy works for information management, where we could do decision-making in a best way. The real happen is that after 1990 decades, the development of computer technology became a basic need of all knowledge and profession/trades for the world. If we talk about Pakistan, we have do not have significance of this knowledge, what about the reason? If we discuss about Pakistan, here we do not have good signification of this knowledge, what about reason of it? As per my thoughts that we have victimized of status cue system from this system, education is also distributed.

In our country, education has divided into four parts (educational categories) first Madarssa, where we concentrate to give the religious knowledge to our children and youth. Second government schools, there was a time, when we had big dignities but today, we analysis of this educational category may be we do not have expectation for futures big names. Third category of our state is private schools, where the parent of our society have that their children learn good education and trainings and usually, parents are impressed by English medium schools and they fired their daily expenses to pays high amount of fees for their children and unfortunate is that we have one of English medium institution in every sheet of the towns but children could not learnt English language yet, infect they need to go language institution.

Now let we discuss about fourth and last educational department of our country as known as Cambridge schools system. There is no affordability for common citizen of our Pakistan. If we have many parts of education in our educational system so there is not possibility that we do common the awareness of science and technology in the State, because now education is also connecting into social status quo system our educational categories then during an elementary stage of education our children may have brightness and awareness of science and technology.

For this, its necessary that we should common computer education in government institutions and make opportunities for teachers training and development. In Pakistan, if we start these type of initiatives, then I think our country may get scientific and research scholars from downtrodden peoples and on the behalf of this, Pakistan may get good place in software industry and may do trading with companies like Apple, Microsoft. From this step, awareness of education and training can common in whole country.

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