Dawlance confers awards on digital contest winners

STAFF REPORT ISB: Dawlance, a renowned home appliances brand of Pakistan, has conferred award to seven winners of its recently organized online competition in Islamabad.

Purpose of the event was to honour its digital followers who visited their recently re-launched corporate website. Visitors had to fill out a short survey on the website to enter themselves in a lucky draw with the winners being presented with the brands latest DW-296 Cooking Series microwave oven.

The event provided an opportunity to Dawlance management and staff to interact with their consumers and showcase how as a company it values its digital followers.

“The digital revolution has hit the Pakistani market and Dawlance being the leading home appliance brand of the country has taken the initiative to reward its digital followers,” Syed Hasan Azim, Senior Vice President of Communications at Dawlance, said on the occasion.

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