Speakers for taking steps to mitigate climate change impacts

STAFF REPORT ISB: Speakers at a recently held seminar have urged the need for taking urgent steps to mitigate the impact of climate change, which is affecting developing countries and global cooperation.

The seminar titled “Climate Change and Politics” was organised by the Department of Environmental Science of the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) at the university campus.

IIUI Director General Gulzar Ahmed Khwaja was the chief guest at the event.

The activity was part of the first round of seminars being organised by the department on environmental issues for faculty members and students.

“Every country sees climate change issue in its own perspective which ultimately raises constraints in the way of an agreed global action plan for dealing with the challenges such as global warming and climate change,” said SDPI Climate Change Study Center head Shakeel Ahmad Ramay in his remarks.

He called for comprehensive policies and action plan by using the ways of adoption and mitigation for climate change with the help of developed nations.

Important environmental topics such as climate change threats, Pakistans role in international agenda on climate change, reasons of fatal diseases due to climate change and natural disasters were also discussed by the speakers.

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