Intel celebrates 2nd annual Intel Mobility Roadshow

STAFF REPORT ISB: Intel Pakistan has celebrated the 2nd Annual Intel Mobility Roadshow which showcased the best of Intels mobile solutions across the full range of form factors and features, powered by Intel® Atom™ processor and Intel® Core™ processor.

The participants also had the opportunity of hands-on mobility experiences to help them understand how Intel is delivering mobile innovations that will transform our everyday lives.

Intels Bay Trail platform included low-power chips for tablets and notebooks as well as more powerful chips designed for desktop computers. These have been designed to increase battery life on high usage devices and allow manufacturers to provide thinner, lighter and more powerful devices at a range of different price points.

Bay Trail is available in three types: Bay Trail-T (Intels Atom Processor Z3000 series) is for tablets while Bay Trail-M and Bay Trail-D are for entry level devices in the laptop and desktop space.

“Todays generation of Intel® Atom™ processors delivers energy-efficient performance to power a range of computing devices ranging from thin, light smart phones and tablets, intelligent cars, innovative healthcare devices, smart city infrastructure monitoring and high-performance micro servers for the cloud,” remarked Naveed Siraj, Country Manager Intel Pakistan while speaking on the occasion.

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