COMSATS network of S and T centres strengthened

STAFF REPORTER ISB: The Comsats Coordinating Council, while formally approving inclusion of Tunisias Water Research and Technologies Centre of Borj-Cedria (CERTE) as the 19th member of the COMSATS Network of International SandT Centres of Excellence, has taken various strategic decisions in connection with its international programmes and projects.

The decision to this effect was taken during the 17th two-day meeting of the Coordinating Council recently concluded in Tehran, says a statement issued here by the Comsats headquarters here.

The Council meeting was hosted by COMSATS Centre of Excellence in Iran, the Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST).

Apart from the senior officials of COMSATS Headquarters, the meeting was attended by Council members or their representatives from 10 Centres of Excellence of COMSATS; BCSIR-Bangladesh, ICCES-China, CIF-Colombia, IROST-Iran, NMC-Nigeria, ICCBS-Pakistan, CIIT-Pakistan, UCAD-Senegal, ITI-Sri Lanka and TIRDO-Tanzania.

The meeting deliberated on a 13-point agenda, reviewing the activities of COMSATS Network and taking strategic decisions in connection with its international programmes and projects.

By virtue of the induction of CERTE, COMSATS Network gets a boost in its scientific potential, capacity and outreach in areas such as characterization and mapping of deep reservoir aquifers; hydrogeology, hydrology, geo-chemistry and modeling of surface and subsurface waters.

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