Al-Azhar university, IIUI agree for education, research coop

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STAFF REPORT ISB: Al-Azhar University Egypt and International Islamic University Islamabad have signed an MoU to promote institutional cooperation in the field of education and research.

The MoU has been signed when a four-member delegation of Al-Azhar University led by Dr. Usama Al-Abid, President of the university recently visited the IIUI in Islamabad.

It is also stated in MoU that cooperation of sharing information, academics and research material, publication would be made easy between both the universities. The IIUI and AL-Azhar University agreed to exchange of faculty members and students for jointly organized study courses.

On the occasion, Dr. Usama said this step also set a line to strengthen the relations on diplomatic level. “Islam is a strong connection between us and on this base we are joined with each other,” he added.

Dr. Usama assured maximum support in respect of all the fields of education. He also announced extension of stay of Al-Azhars faculty members who are serving IIUI and scholarships for the students of IIUI in Al-Azhar University.

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