ITU celebrates achievements at workshop

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STAFF REPORT ISB: The Information Technology University (ITU) has recently organised a ceremony to celebrate the achievements of participants in the month-long workshop organized in the city.

According to a spokesperson of the university, the ITU trainings had successfully conducted the workshop “Freelancer Factory”, which focused empowerment through self-employment by teaching participants both technical and soft skills enabling them to work profitably as freelancers.

During the workshop, over 40 participants were given intensive instruction by three trainers from Plan Tech Hub. Two of them, Kamran Shafi and Kamran Zahid, were dedicated to teaching participants technical skills. The soft skills aspect of the workshop was conducted by Rehan Shaykh who is a Chartered Accountant.

As many as 12 participants secured freelance work even before the workshop concluded, ITU the spokesman claimed in his statement.

Sami Khan, one of the organisers of the workshop, said initiatives such as Freelancer Factory could go a long way in addressing the unemployment rate in Pakistan and relieving the local job market by connecting people to the global market.

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