Cellcos deprive subscribers of cheap packages on Eid

STAFF REPORT KHI: The mobile phone service providers during Eid days discontinued several of their packages or bundle that probably announced hundreds of times in a day through different medium of instructions and thus grabbed the public money through illegitimate way.

Subscribers of the telecom sector have strongly condemned these service providers for this blow to their trust on these cell companies who use huge amounts to publicize their packages through massive campaigns through media.

The usage of cell phones touched new height during Eid days as compared to normal routine and service providers availed this opportunity as a golden chance to grab public money.

On the condition of anonymity, a site engineer informed this scribe that all cellular service providers froze their activities just ahead of Eid and suspended most of the packages to generate handsome revenue during the days.

“Our company has stopped most useful packages which are suspended during Eid on the pretext of system upgradation and this was officially announced a week ago,” said a spokesman of a cellular company said.

According to reliable sources, all the companies also did the same and hanged mostly useful packages at the holy occasion.

Kaukab Iqbal, Chairman Consumers Association of Pakistan, has strongly condemned this shameful act of telecom sector. He said there was no announcement seen regarding suspension of packages and compared to the promotional announcement of different offers. The massive looting witnessed in this sector. To control all this misshaping, the Pakistan Telecom Authority and department of Consumer Protection are responsible, he maintained.

He suggested that all the packages must be started or ended with the approval of PTA, he also pointed the night packages which promote the negativity in the society especially the young generation.

Kaukab said most of the cell phone operators do not follow the rules and regulations and are becoming main cause of rising criminal activities.

“I have spent extra amount during Eid days to recharge my account because the cell phone services that I usually used were stopped during Eid days,” said Shaheem Ur Rehman, a user of cell phone.

Another customer strongly criticized the attitude of telecom operators who mostly suspended their offers like Karachi offer, Friends and family, Bundle SMS and so many others after recharging of account.

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