PCST declares 10 professors as productive scientists

STAFF REPORT ISB: The Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST) declared Prof. Dr Ashfaq Khan (Registrar, National Textile University) and 9 other professors as Productive Scientists of Pakistan for the year 2013 and notified the names of these 10 top ranker scientists. For evaluation of the Scientific Productivity 2,728 Scientists applied in 12 Disciplines and out of these 1,730 qualified the Criteria after verification of their Credentials. According to the PCST report, these scientists included Dr Atta-ur-Rehman, Dr Iqbal Ch, Dr Abdul Rauf, Dr Viqar-ud-Din, Dr Wasim, Dr M. Ashraf, Dr Muhammad Ashfaq, Dr Tasawar Hayat, Dr Bina S Siddiqui, Dr Ejaz Ahmad.

Dr Muhammadd Ashfaq, UAF, stood first in the ranking of scientists in agriculture sciences while the VC UAF Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan, got 10th position.

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