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IN THE field of innovation, the question raised is often of the diffusion of new technologies in the society. We often work to get the work done of diffusion our innovative product in the society. Some products get diffused quickly but there are those which require nothing but launching pad; a very simple platform to get the peoples attention to become popular in the span of days of weeks. These are called disruptive technologies which contribute in the norms of the society a change which is welcomed by all or by a major chunk of society. But, usually, the task of diffusing a technology is like breaking the ice in the polar regions.

Diffusion has been the grave issue since the innovation has been highlighted as the great change agent in a society. Diffusing a innovation is yet more harder than its off-spring, the Change itself. Innovation is a new technology, methodology, technique or concept/way etc. which if easy and economical may get spread like fire in forests however, vice versa is very commonly observed. Many commonly used technologies are preferred for usage rather than shifting to a new one. New ones are always difficult to handle for their knowledge and know-how always lacking in the new users. Diffusion of the technology thus poses danger of not getting diffused but refused by the general public which may be due to social norms, security issues, legal issues, political issues etc.

Tech-Space diffusion is yet another factor which counts a lot in a newbie tech diffusion problem. This factor makes the space limits for any technovation be available in time-space-population dimension. First of all the launch. Time of launching is very crucial so that the negatives can be overcome for making a successful transition from existing systems to new one introduced by you. Population type or demographic factor creates a diffusion-acceleration provided that the youth in the society is available which is pursuing higher or modern education opening the minds of youth and making a newbie tech usage fruitful in learning and earning. Time of launching be perfect for its mass population spreading be made easier. Population be targeted smartly so that the medium of propagation be finalized accordingly for a success in near future.

The Space plays a dynamic and vital role as we need spaces of various sorts and kinds. Space is in the life of anyone. We having no space means no time for new techbe used as its usage is not aware to others or they are already so busy in other works of life. So, ample time is to be freed for newbies in tech-usage even if the tech is free of cost and easy to use. Somehow, if its not being used or not spreading quickly in the masses then its the space issue which needs critical consideration. Mental and psychological space available is not enough for a technology. Psychologically if we are not accepting a technology then its success is doubted. We need to change the perception of consumers to have them in the front line of tech usage. Financial space is yet another way of putting the technovation in a framework which sees that the population is having finances to use it. New jobs are like that which give enough of space to jobbers to use new tech. Innovation in jobs is very much requisite for new technology.

For innovation diffusion, spaces of all sorts and kinds are very critical. New things can be there in our life provided we have the space in our life, mind and surroundings for the new thing. If our life is filled completely in all aspects then technology diffusion would be harder to achieve. Creating space is the main task. Free minds are good tech-acceptors but the ones who are pre-occupied by issues, problems, meditations, friends, family members, loved ones, nature etc. are going to give a tough time for any thing new in life. Even if the technology becomes the need of time but the attention of “busy ones” wont be at the disposal of innovation. Technology may become need of time but it can never become a need for life. Innovation for life can be made success in diffusing phenomenon provided they (developers and diffusers) are patient and slow in its process but innovation for money gets little time either it be for money makers or users. Sooner or later it will be swapped.

The author is Research Officer, Ministry of Science and Technology Pakistan Technology Board, government of Pakistan.

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