PTEA rejects sudden gas suspension to textile industry

STAFF REPORT FSD: The Pakistan Textile Exporters Association (PTEA) has rejected sudden suspension of gas supply to industries on account of annual maintenance of Qadirpur gas field and termed the SNGPLs move unilateral and arrogant.

“Industry will suffer a huge productivity and supply loss as manufacturing process will remain halted for almost 13 days on account of Eid festival followed by gas suspension. With such a lengthy break in industrial activity, how could exporters meet the dead line of supplying Christmas sale orders,” said PTEA chairman Sohail Pasha while showing concern over the situation.

Vice-Chairman PTEA Rizwan Riaz expressed fear that the gas suspension would lead to huge production loss to the textile industry.

They said that gas supply was suddenly suspended without taking industrialists into confidence. The processing sector operates round the clock as textile processing is a continuous process and shutting down the operation causes heavy damages, they remarked.

They are of the view that the textile industry was already running below capacity due to energy constraints, ultimately affecting industrys potential to grow fast and earn foreign exchange for the country.

They warned that the situation arising out of gas outage would lead to missing export orders, capital flight, labour lay-off, worsening law and order and decline in governments revenue.

The PTEA leaders urged the government to take all stakeholders into the loop on the issue and stop taking unilateral decisions.

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