, Easy Taxi organise e-commerce moot

STAFF REPORT LHR: Easy Taxi and Carmudi have recently held the E-commerce Transport and Automobile Conference 2014, to promote and educate the general public about the benefits, success, and growth of ecommerce in Pakistan through the recent years.

The conference was a showcase presenting the ecommerce growth in Pakistan that is revolutionizing the automobile and transport industry holistically.

Some prominent speakers at the event included West Asia Managing Director for Easy Taxi, Leonardo Schmidt Boz; Country Manager Pakistan for, Ali Izhar; and Managing Director of Asia Region for Ahmed Khan.

According to the date provided by World Bank and quoted by the State Bank of Pakistan; in the year 2007 the e-commerce growth rate stood at 10 per cent and increased to 16 per cent by 2012 giving it a 6 per cent jump in 5 years resulting in an average growth of 1.2 per cent every year.”While there is still immense potential in the market to grow, we are on the right track. At Easy Taxi we are proud to be playing our part in helping Pakistans ecommerce sector grow,” said Easy Taxis country manager Adam Ghaznavi.

While speaking during the conference, Carmudis Country Manager Pakistan Ali Izhar commented, “Carmudi is bringing in more transparency into the market as we are aggregating the whole market in one place and can thus guarantee the best prices.”

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