Pak scientist wins first prize at world summit

STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistans young Khizr Imran Tajammul has won first prize for presenting an idea of manufacturing energy solution for low income community at One Young World Summit being held in Dublin.According to an email received here, Khizr who has also launched an initiative in the form of on organization known as Jaan Pakistan for the same purpose, suggested that his aim is not only to use solar energy solutions in Pakistan but also to make them accessible for the lowest earning citizens of Pakistan. He further proposed the use of greenhouse technology instead of the commonly used evacuation tubes in most of the solar water heaters hence making them affordable and available for widespread usage across the country.As prize money at the competition, Khizrs Jaan Pakistan received $20,000 which the organization is planning to venture in the development of the prototype by the end of this year.One Young World Summit is a UK based non-profit summit organized every year to encourage youth to present their ideas which can make positive change in the World.

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