Carmudi gives tips to sell cars online

STAFF REPORT LHR: Carmudi, one of the fastest ways to sell your car online, offers expert advice on how to sell your car online.The company gives you some tips: The car owner needs to know the nuts and bolts of the car market to make a quick sale. With the right amount of knowledge, you can sell your car at a much better price. Before setting the price, the owner should consider the manufacturer, model, mileage, interior and exterior condition of your car. Check the depreciation value or get a rough estimate through Money Zine for the resale value of your ride. Add-ons can add a couple of hundred dollars to the value of your car. So if the car owner has invested in built-in navigation systems, mobile electronics such as in car DVD “infotainment” systems, sunroofs, moon roofs, intelligent keys or body kits.

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