Check on mercury amalgam stressed to save environment

MONITORING REPORT ISB: Mercury emitted from dental amalgam badly affects human beings, aquatic and terrestrial animals, micro-organisms, plants and the entire environment, said Dr. M. Khawaja from SDPI while speaking at a global meeting of experts on “South, South-East Asian Summit for Mercury Free Dentistry”.

Asian Center for Environmental Health has recently organized the meeting in Dhaka in association with World Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry (WAMFD) and Washington.

Dr Khwaja shared the research work on “Mercury Poisoning Dentistry: High level indoor air mercury contamination at selected dental sites” carried out by SDPI at dental sites in Pakistan. He welcomed the establishment of the center and its planned activities programmes in Asia, specially, South Asia and assured SDPIs full support and cooperation in achieving its objectives towards mercury free dentistry in the region.

He said that dental amalgam adversely affects our environment. If improperly managed by dentist, dental amalgam waste can be released into the environment, he suggested.

Attorney Charlie Brown, President WAMFD, said, “We serve as a unique resource for nations working to implement the Minamata Conventions amalgam phase out measures”.

He conferred about improving the dental school curriculum and informing the young dental professionals about the negative impacts of mercury amalgam on health and environment to take a proactive approach.

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