Creeping Cyber-Espionage

Its happening now that we can even know the location of a person though it is only via using the service of transportation company. The company has innovated using the latest state-of-the-art technology of IT that we can even see the persons travelling in their taxi. It does give us some relief to see them while travelling as satisfaction grows to know that they are travelling safe and sound. But, we have this very great dilemma of cyber war fare to get very close to be hacked into and know the travel destination and current location while travelling. The service is known to be used by elite government class families in US though the company is UK based. And it is only that some states are privileged.

The company has grown in billion dollars market. Innovation in transportation has proved to be successful in this case which heavily relies on information technology but sure we see it growing and expanding as many feel safe while using it. It also gives one the travel history of the travelers though it again is very much sensitive data which customers would not prefer to be leaked for its sensitivity and privacy sake. The innovative travel service is claiming fool proof service in each and every aspect however, a couple of incidents proved that data leakage occurred. Data fundamentalism poses some threats now a days for such a big data about the customers but at the same time we have seen data fundamentalism playing a positive role for the company to prosper and get greater market share in US also after rooting deep into Europe.

Idea initially was very crude and to smile about but the success has proved that it was workable. It is indeed not the idea but the passion of the one who proposed it to make his dream come true. Innovative products are using the new technologies which are already causing havoc for negative exploitation of big data.

It has been observed that greater criticism is there only after entering US market being a UK based company. It may be very much because of blue blood of Americans that is causing the threat to the company. It may be that detrimental but useful as the data about the loved ones is kept by the wearable technologies but no one is raising fingers on that data which is being gathered by top notch US tech giant of mobile phones tech entering into to wrist watches innovatively with retrospective idea. Still dangers are there that the information can be leaked in wearable tech also.

The Independent Innovations are growing as the passion of innovators to earn money from them but the success can be there if we have resources with culture to absorb innovative product. Dangers would always be there of any new product line but if dynamic personality pursuing the idea is crazy about making it successful product in the world then we know for such people Stars aren’t Faraway.

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