Arresting militancy through S&T based models

Terrorism has emerged as a monster across the world. Especially Pakistan has become the major victim to this curse. It has so far lost over 40,000 civilian lives in addition to casualties of armed forces who are engaged against militants in the troubled regions. Militant activities, no doubt, are increasing across the country, but a multipronged strategy by the security agencies is also operative to ensure public protection as well as monitor militant groups through installation of monitoring gadgets and other detectors. However, installation of CCTV cameras as well as walkthrough gates at sensitive entry points of main roads, cities entry points and buildings is not enough to detect explosive materials, time devices or militants movements. Developed world has made a significant progress in controlling militant activities by effectively using highly sophisticated gadgets and other monitoring equipments. They have multiple security systems – air, land and water – to monitor all kinds of human activities like detection of suspected movements, militants hideouts or other secret missions. Science and technology has a pivotal role as all these security gadgets and other equipments are the products of research and development of science and technology. Drones (unmanned planes) are considered the best suitable invention of human research. These planes are now used to monitor as well as target militant hideouts without sending any air force or military personnel and too with deadly precision as they are operated with remote control through satellites, which are the products of science and technology. Science and technology institutions in Pakistan too are busy in advanced research to cater to the needs of the country. Our national universities are actively involved in developing innovative initiatives to produce IT and SandT based solutions as well as models which are now being used to regulate human activities. In recent past, a highly sophisticated CCTV camera has been invented in Pakistan which can monitor and make images of thousands fast moving vehicles in one minute and send their data back to control room for verification. If such cameras are installed in various sensitive places or roads, it could easily detect suspected vehicles. At the same time, the government needs to adopt a serious approach towards promoting as well as patronizing the SandT research and development activities not only of the institutions but also the universities as it would help a lot towards innovations. We as a nation are confronting a very critical situation in terms of militant activities, and this approach would be instrumental in this regard.

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