40 million unverified mobile SIMs blocked in Pakistan

STAFF REPORT LHR: Authorities have blocked around 40 million unverified mobile SIM cards across the country as part of the national campaign against the unverified SIMs in the wake of rising incidents of terrorism.

This information was given during a recently held meeting of the Senates Standing Committee on ITandT.

IT Minister Anusha Rehman urged legislation against cyber crimes and said all efforts would be made to block unverified mobile SIMs.

Illegal SIM cards pose a serious threat to country s security as they are routinely being used in criminal and terrorist activities.

It is to be mentioned here that a joint group formed by the Pakistan Ministry of Interior has started investigating over 100 million subscriber identification modules that were not verified through the biometric verification system prior to being issued in August 2014.

PTA Chairman Dr Ismail Shah has recently told the Senate committee that the government had ordered the group to complete the investigation within 90 days.

The joint group is comprised members from interior and information technology ministries, mobile phone operators, Nadra, the FIA, IB and PTA.

“The 103 million SIMs have been issued against CNICs,” said Dr Shah revealing that the verification is being done to bring all connections under the BVS.

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