Public awareness needed to promote forests

STAFF REPORT ISB: Environmentalists at a seminar held in the federal capital on “Tackling Global Warming through Conservation of Forests” said that the number of trees in private agriculture farms in Pakistan is increasing because of the defined ownership but forests under the governments forestry departments are diminishing rapidly. Lack of ownership has made it easy for timber mafia and corrupt government officials to chop down trees for personal gains.

“To protect the depleting forests we should follow into the footsteps of other countries by involving the local communities and building a sense of ownership among the citizens,” Shafqat Kakakhel, an expert on climate change, said, on the occasion.

He further said that community forestry entrusts local people to look after and manage forests with the aim of producing social and economic benefits for them.

Forests play a vital role for preserving the eco-system, as a source of livelihoods and as natures mechanism to reduce GHG emissions, said another environmentalist, Mehmood Nasir.

“Its the responsibility of developed world to provide financial incentives to the developing countries and indigenous communities whose livelihood depends on forests and other natural resources to conserve and retain their forest cover.”

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