Remote control gloves unveiled for smartphonest

MONITORING REPORT ISB: A group of Boston techies is taking smartphone gloves to a new level by turning them into a remote control for phones.

The company calling the technology the GoGlove. Its is a way to control smartphones with the tap of a finger.

Ben Harris, co-founder of “Easier to Use”, which developed the GoGlove, said the idea came to him while he was out on the slopes with some friends.

The time it took to take his phone out of his pocket, take off his gloves, change the song or adjust the volume, and then put everything back, put him way behind the rest of the group, who, he said, were already to the bottom of the hill.

“Were finding people love being able to control their phone remotely. Theyre leaving their phone in their pocket or purse and are really able to have the same control of their phone as if it were in their hand,” he said.

The GoGlove is designed to allow people running, biking, walking or hitting the slopes to use their music, camera, GoPro, or listen to texts by tapping their fingers rather than taking the phone out and manually using it. “Whatever your phone can do, you can control with GoGlove,” said Harris.

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