Planting more trees best solution to climate change

STAFF REPORT ISB: Dr. Qamar-Uz-Zaman, former DG Pakistan Meteorological Department, calls climate change a threat greater than terrorism for its ability to have a widespread effect on a country, even influencing economic policies and other plans for the future.

“Pakistan is an example to demonstrate the effects of climate change. It is still one of eight countries considered most vulnerable to climate change,” said Dr. Qamar while talking to members of the Parliamentary Task Force on Sustainable Development Goals.As a result, climate consequences have increased in Pakistan, including an increase in temperature, which has caused crops to ripen at a much earlier time and reduced yield for wheat and other crops.He believes that planting more trees will be the most suitable climate change solution for Pakistan, as well as the easiest for the country to pull off.

Irfan Tariq, director of Climate Change Division, also thinks creating awareness among the masses is important. If locals mobilize themselves in an effort to address climate change, then Pakistan as a whole can achieve much.

Aside from simply planting more trees, Pakistan needs also take care of the ones it already has.

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